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December 2021

  • EASL-Lancet Liver Commission calls for a paradigm shift in European responses to liver disease
  • Advanced fibrosis in people with NAFLD increases the risk of liver complications
  • Three-drug regimen plus ribavirin cures the hardest-to-treat hepatitis C patients
  • Australia on track to eliminate hepatitis C among gay and bisexual men before 2030
  • Hepatitis B treatment for all who need it an "achievable public health goal" for Malawi
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November 2021

  • News from The Liver Meeting
  • People with liver cirrhosis have weaker responses to the Pfizer and Moderna SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
  • COVID-19 vaccine protection is ‘lower and slower’ in people with cirrhosis
  • Treatment for hepatitis B and C fell in 2020 due to COVID-19, global survey finds
  • Hepatitis C elimination: less than 25% of people with hepatitis C diagnosed globally
  • Hepatitis C treatment in US declined from 2015 to 2020
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October 2021

  • Cognitive function improves after hepatitis C cure
  • New cases of hepatitis C have fallen among gay and bisexual men with HIV in France
  • Rapid hepatitis C treatment improves cure rate in young people who inject drugs
  • People with HIV taking newer antiretrovirals at higher risk of fatty liver disease
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September 2021

  • Testing COVID-19 patients for viral hepatitis does not detect numerous undiagnosed cases
  • People with diabetes or high alcohol consumption at higher risk of late hepatitis C diagnosis
  • Short stay in prison increases the risk of hepatitis for people who use drugs
  • Ultra-short course treatment for hepatitis C: high failure rate but does not compromise second-line treatment
  • Rapid HCV testing in Australia
  • Low sign up by community pharmacies in England to offer hepatitis C antibody testing
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August 2021

  • Recommendations and guidance on hepatitis C virus self-testing
  • US CDC recommends third dose of Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for organ transplant recipients
  • Hepatitis C virtually eliminated in people with HIV in the Netherlands
  • High hepatitis C cure rate in Thai study of community-based treatment
  • Japanese study shows benefits of treating hepatitis C early
  • Food insecurity raises the risk of death in people with fatty liver disease
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July 2021

  • News from the 2021 International Liver Congress
  • Weaker COVID-19 vaccine responses seen in people with advanced liver fibrosis
  • COVID-19 vaccine responses are weaker in liver transplant patients
  • Advanced cirrhosis or alcohol use disorder raised the risk of COVID-19 death in France
  • Antiviral treatments for hepatitis B may reduce severity of COVID-19 or risk of infection
  • Bulevirtide appears safe and effective for hepatitis D
  • Peer support improved hepatitis C treatment uptake and completion in England
  • Reflex testing successfully uncovers hidden hepatitis C cases in Scotland
  • Immunotherapy plus arterial infusion chemotherapy shows promise for advanced liver cancer
  • World Hepatitis Day 2021: Hepatitis can't wait
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June 2021

  • Liver transplant outcomes improve in people with HIV and hepatitis C
  • What happens after curing hepatitis C? Avoiding, minimising or accepting the risks of re-infection
  • HIV treatment choice affects improvement in liver after hepatitis C cure
  • High prevalence of viral hepatitis among healthcare workers in Africa
  • Malaysia registers first hepatitis C treatment developed through South-South co-operation
  • FDA approves oral pellet version of Gilead's Epclusa for use in young people with hepatitis C
  • News from The International Liver Congress
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May 2021

  • WHO says 2030 hepatitis elimination targets will not be met without massive scale-up of testing and treatment
  • Developing global health sector strategies on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections for 2022-2030
  • COVID-19 reduced US hepatitis C testing, diagnosis and treatment
  • Liver function improves in most people with cirrhosis after hepatitis C cure
  • Australia: recent drug users more likely to start hepatitis C treatment
  • New report shows discriminatory sobriety restrictions undermine public health efforts to eliminate hepatitis C
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April 2021

  • Screen for hepatitis C while vaccinating for COVID-19, say Spanish experts
  • Hepatitis C testing in gay and bisexual men with HIV below target, US study finds
  • Swiss opioid substitution therapy programme reports strong progress towards hepatitis C elimination
  • Community-wide hepatitis C elimination campaign in Seattle increases number treated tenfold
  • Reinfection after hepatitis C cure predicted by sexually transmitted infections
  • HepB Global Community: a global online forum supporting people affected by hepatitis B
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March 2021

  • 12 good practices that should be part of the hepatitis C standard of care
  • People with HIV and hepatitis B should have ongoing monitoring for liver cancer
  • Pancreatic and colorectal cancer risk raised in people with hepatitis C
  • Outreach to homeless in England achieved large-scale testing for hepatitis C during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • Catch up on the EASL Digital Liver Cancer Summit
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February 2021

  • Hepatitis C does not raise the risk of death from COVID-19
  • COVID-19 slows viral hepatitis elimination, global survey finds
  • COVID-19 hits viral hepatitis care for vulnerable populations
  • Hepatitis C treatment reduces stroke and heart attack risk
  • Hepatitis C declining among drug users in UK
  • High adherence and hepatitis C cure rates in active drug and alcohol users
  • WHA releases new messaging guide for global fund advocates
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January 2021

  • Will people with liver disease be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination?
  • Questions about COVID-19 vaccination for people with liver disease: guidance from patient associations and health bodies
  • Public-sector hepatitis C treatment programmes expanding in lower- and middle-income countries
  • What's needed to eliminate hepatitis C in people with HIV in Scotland?
  • Hepatitis C elimination in France feasible if new infections in gay and bisexual men decline
  • HIV doubles the risk of liver fibrosis by middle age, without viral hepatitis
  • Launch of new international liver patients’ organisation: Liver Patients International
  • Catch up on the World Hepatitis Alliance webinar on hepatitis B diagnostics
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