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The aim of is to develop a high-quality online resource to increase awareness of viral hepatitis, its treatment, and the needs of people living with viral hepatitis in Europe. is produced by NAM. You can find out more about NAM here.

We want to provide access to accurate, clear information to support health professionals and advocates working in the hepatitis field across Europe.

There have been recent hepatitis treatment breakthroughs and there are numerous exciting new drugs currently in clinical trials. But in order to realise the benefits of new treatments for hepatitis, there needs to be investment in developing and sharing skills and knowledge among healthcare professionals and community advocates.

Successful treatment for viral hepatitis requires an approach to treatment which respects the needs of the person living with hepatitis. In order to support the people in their care effectively (for example to assess their readiness for treatment and to offer support around taking treatment), professionals need guidance and support in best practice.

We want to provide information to support the development of both the public health and the human rights cases for access to hepatitis treatment.

The cost of treatment is proving a barrier to access. There are also other concerns relating to access to treatment; for example, there is a need for integrated treatment programmes for people who inject drugs or for those on substitution therapy. Breaking down these barriers and opening up treatment access require strengthened community advocacy and policy development.

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